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Greetings, Hi and Asalamu Alaycum

Thank you for viewing my profile!

Hope you’re sound, well and all is sweet, at least stable… oh my is life an intangible ball of fragile energy.

Hope I tackle the task with the enlightenment of entertainment with realism (see beyond my nervousness). If my time of shine brings forth positive chemicals or sparks a blooming chain of thoughts! You're more than welcome to make contact.

I do wish You all the best from every fiber of my being and four-fifths of my soul.

Every soul shall taste death (quoted from the Quran) and answer for itself, therefore uniqueness is granted and scenarios are endless.

The world is obsessed with beauty and ugliness….. It's all about the finishing and there’s the Age virus. Degeneration is a process we can’t outrun, protocols of the brain, set by Thee Divine One.

I do wish the elixir of life was true, oh well, The importance is to be stable even though we are able and capable. I’m trying to shine in this light but nerves are doing their thing, got me all trembling, soon to be mumbling (lol I need my thumping boots)

Life is just a simulation... I’m writing this as I’m talking so it may seem a little off-topic, with broken sentences.

We are forced to be with programs of the brain, with the junctions of principles. The notion of breathing alone. Control it and we struggle to communicate. Perform a simple task of walking, even better confined to multitasking, and let vocals glide in a conversation, and try to control it.

Foresee the following; the right hand in a circular motion rotating clockwise and mirror the left hand in anti-clockwise. Now have a discussion on a meaningful matter either with someone (try performing this alone with the mirror). If you did it and handled it well, then question what can you master (lol, do you feel food touching your lips? or when your arms are resting on your thighs).

Please forgive I’m not trying to preach, nor reach with scripture, though I do hope you are seated as you are reading, my requirements are to gain your attention. Best to point out Islam is important to me, the grave! That’s scary to me!!!

Marriage to me means between three, I plus possibly you multiplied by Thee that started the chain commands of DNA, with the contribution and combinational mixture of mutation, with everything else.

I’m grateful for Mohammed PBUH. I’m not perfect, and saints usually leave the surface as an innocent child. I respect individuality and understand space, privacy is required, and secularism is there till time reaches it’s course of end.

All I can say is come as you are, and together we will make it work as long as we hold the Supreme in the equation and have a blast tumble till the end. I’m not down with cultural means but do hold value to good and great ethics.

I got to state, scary platform, I had no idea what I stepped on. I’m nervous as some profiles capture the essence of God Fragrance, no doubt, words illustrate a mapping site.

Shame, there’s no chance of bypassing the intro, selling yourself in a sales pitch to companionship!!!! this is where life has brought us too,

I’m not the type to ask for names, even though I may mention mine. I could ask where you from, and if I can get those 11 digits, can we kick it one-on-one. Honestly, I’ve never been, nor had dinner with a woman. Can we not exchange numbers, let’s stick by the paying service!

I don’t want to be in a merger where my heart will curse. I know of a woman that teaches Bukhari to young girls, publicly had an affair, still at it strong and it’s been long over two years.

It’s stated not to be like the donkey carrying the books.

I can’t take off my beard, not like a garment, it's got roots. I grow it somewhere in my mid-20s due to findings with guidance from the One that created Time. Question and see what I know.

Been hated on and weighted on since 86, ain't we all products of God!!!

Our we, not taught to be faithful, and walk when not able, And fight till the end. Everyone wants to take control, with prophecies for your role. My vocals have announced abandon in my faith, and been a victim of a selfish kind of love. I try to be a believer not a Muslim with fever! Electric eyes every which way yo go.

I like swimming but I’m one of those, seem to only float on a boat, swim below or die trying, but willing to give surfing a go, got decent balance in my core.

I’m a shy guy, confident in ways, with an alliance to faith as you’ve got to witness Islam in its most truest, absolute purest, upmost rawest, absolutely flawless, and in complete honesty, we roam the surface alone, on display to the One up above.

It takes a lot to raise with every lifeless beat. My hands ain’t stained free. Human nature, to react like a Rottweiler. Even in congregation, weapon of choice scripture multiplied with economy subtracted with biology, divided by anatomy then added physiology. Who is not versed to see, our own kind doing all the killing, leaving; death in the living!!!

I’m heart-driven, a sensitive man, with a robotic walk, ain't nothing wrong I’m like the hawk, connected to my soul. I know I got away with words, spitting rhymes with missing beats with numerous subliminal verbs.

We could live life as the dynamic duo, two old friends, why panic!!! Hit karaoke, and be the two caped heroes. Headline, Batwoman brought her own Robin, conversing in holy bat symbols.

Degeneration, constantly working on our bodies, there’s nothing wrong with holding on. Who likes to carry the extra baggage, life is busy and complicated. We got to click and just get it on.

I am known as Plain & Simple.

Wish you the best in life and hope The Timekeeper simplifies it for you with blessings till your heart's final thumb.

Thank you, wish you the best with every molecule of me and almost my entire soul.

Brothers of the platform, if you view my profile. Stay strong (to the lady too)

Night Prays. Allah’s peace and bless, vicious cruel world.

Asalamu Alaycum

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What I Am Looking For
You better brace yourself and sharpen that pencil, and double those notes, create an audiobook too!!! Wash dirty clothes, cook food, you will have to bake bread, skin a chicken and make butter too, be able to roll out the heavy bins, important to valet the motor, Lol sorry, hope I haven’t overdone it, I had to slide that in. Just to be clear, I just released some humor!!!

This is tough because I see and respect individuality. A little reference; chapter 3 verse 7, 17, 19 In the Quran, damn there’s so much more and this book rocks me, makes my knees buckle, easier to get run over.

No one is perfect and I have my own flaws. If I wanted to lock something up out of sight I would get a goldfish, make it eat when I want it to, let it roam with its stools and if death came, amazon promise a replacements within an hour depending on delivery slots, this is just another joke (halt and freeze.... release, relax and be at ease)

Would be nice to have someone, someone’s company to enjoy, someone to value…. How to put what's in the mind into words.

Dissect, look and ponder, relationships were designed to pass the time. It comes in all forms, simply as one with a pair of shoes or a jacket, something or anything. Time is set, promised and sworn by, for each soul to be pushed to what Thee Divine knows it can bear.

Thee, One that stated the waters will run dry before Allah’s word could come close to running low. Now water is H20, forget the rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, ponds and puddles and what’s in the clouds and all the places you don't want to think about (urine contains it too), everything will crumble, either dust or compacted apart from raw solid dead structures.

The First Man, Father to all Adam pbuh, and Mother of mankind, Lady Hawwa pbuh. After the long divide and expulsion, the first time they were introduced to climate, hunger, the need for a bathroom break (likely to have used leaves mud and rocks too, God knows best), bruises, cuts, dirt, and bacteria. Let's not forget the animals/predators, feeling adrenalin, running, and fighting to survive.

After all the begging, pleading, prayers of forgiveness. How they felt once they rejoiced and were reacquainted, a bond of energy inside was set to seal the already beginning of curiosity when sight of flash for the first time (activation in the brain). Best to subject it to, as the known hormone oxytocin. Even when crime upon child on child took place (damn I got to stop, getting carried away).

They stood strong and it’s about believing and knowing the truth and we don’t need miracles. We must see the signs we receive, Allah communicates to all, sacrifice some nights in prays, beauty is going to fade. Elicitation, jab fillers, plasma fusion, synthetic 191, surgical…. I won't go on. Read the Message in your strongest language, visit

The greatest Mohammed pbuh, after his experience in the cave he rushed to Khadijah ra arm. Despite the age difference, there was respect and unconditional love for one another, that bond inside “ made you a spouse to find tranquility in” “save yourself from yourself”.

It's all about teamwork and someone to lean on. I’m looking for a partner, not a wife. If you believe in the One we return to….. What more can I say, apart from come, as you are, I know how to find the elixir of life, hope you floss. I got to maintain my freak on the beat, life is a baseline and my name ain't Saadiq, puzzling mind spine, raise before the snooze, no mission is impossible, ask Tom Cruise. I shall stop before I spit a rough paragraph as nobody can stand, let me bucket swerves as I take off the curb, trying to submerge mine

But I can hold my breath for a long time.

It’s all about gelling and bonding, and making it work with smiles, laughters, and giggles, hand in hand prancing through the Pearly Gates, straight to the promised land.

Apologies for the scriptures but, I don’t know what to say. I’ve seen a lot and heard a great deal and the last thing I want is unnecessary drama, digital screens bring forth the action and drama, life is like making a long movie, why is there no music in the background and I dislike scenes that drag. Pakistani and Pathan women, I’m very sorry I fear unless my safety is guaranteed, I have close friends of your ethnicity, but you're elders! I plead the fifth, I have no refundable halal tattoos.

Going to say it again, I wish you the best and hope I did not waste your time. I know it’s not easy for anyone, hope you find what you're looking for.

All the best and stay safe, get to the Promised land

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