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Never married
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Hey and welcome to my profile.

Need to mention some stuff here.
Some people have viewed my profile 20-60+ times over the last month and it's giving me mixed messages and definitely confusing when I'm getting notifications over and over of their visits to my page and you'd think you'd eventually reach out, no?

So when you don't message I decide to reach out, you block me without responding???
I don't understand why or what is going on but if the situation was reversed you'd of reported or definitely blocked these users so that's what I'll be doing too you too you weirdos.

If you think I've wrote too much detail and there will be nothing to talk about after because I've taken the fun out of it πŸ€” Are you boring?
There's millions of things to talk about πŸ˜‚.

First pic is recent.
Rest, over the last 4 years.


Quick intro:
I'm polite, respectful and non judgemental. Multiple users on here have told me I've got a mature mindset, can be insightful and funny.
Some users have sent me wonderful and encouraging messages too (thank you) that have been a highlight of the day πŸ₯°πŸ˜ so I'll echo that here.

Parents: mum-58, dad-62 (Pakistani)
bro-24 (Scottish)
sis-27 - (Scottish) married 2 kids
sis-29 - (Scottish)
bro-36 - (English) married 1 kid

We're close knit and private family that usually stay away from outside drama. We're humble and stick together - we don't care about bs (got our own lives to worry about) type and enjoy each others company. Parents are chilled too.

I have two, three year old cats - Jam and Cake.
Jam gave birth to six babies. Five are two and a half .
One is one.

Jam is my baby [daughterπŸ₯²] and I have a very strong/deep bond with her.
I've cared for her offspring since birth and they've endured the last 2 1/2 years with me πŸ₯°πŸ˜ I love them all like I'd my own and they all show it back - I'll probably part with the six In the future (I'll fight tooth and nail, cause I don't really want to)πŸ˜”πŸ˜­

Yes! I'm a crazy cat man, family are angry but they're secretly (put up) in love with them πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
They also scream get rid of them and find a woman instead asap! 😭

I like to keep it simple but also like challenges.
I'm never against anything [skills/achievements/qualifications] that can help me in the future or learning about things in general.
I'm a highly self-motivational and positive person.
My main goals in life would be to get a house paid off asap and have my own family, I'll be content.
I don't need fancy stuff or go beyond my means if I can't support it.
But, I'm of the mindset you get what worked/paid for.

I'm not against searching for new experiences and trying new things. I can go out of my comfort zone when I amp myself up.
I'd like to travel the world and learn about new cultures and try all kinds of foods.
Hopefully becoming a better Muslim that will learn more about Islam and instill those values into future offspring, Insh'allah.
I'll never stop my spouse (where art thou) from doing whatever she wants to achieve.
If she tries to further her ambitions/career/achievements or tries to push myself to look for new goals. I'd be supporting, loving and encouraging for her to take the reigns.

I've slowly come around and have had several long serious conversations about settling down and starting my own family.
I'd like to avoid an arranged marriage at all costs and find the one naturally. Hopefully wherever you are, reach out asap so we can both walk our path asap.

Religion: (more in Education)
I want to change this for the better.
I'm not practicing or had anything to do with religion since I was 19.

Growing up I've had little to none (only parents) Muslim people push me to learn Islam, with little knowledge or resources available to my parents in the 90s (moved from Pakistan, in England for a handful of years).
For me growing up it was extremely hard for them to juggle work, teach me and siblings and adjust to western lifestyle. They were learning with us πŸ₯ΊEventually in my mid teens I had been around not so many great Muslims that have used the religion as a front to be good in the communities eyes but to do bad stuff in the shadows then had a change of heart when caught only to go back when the fires out.
This shaped my opinion in a negative way for whatever reason back then and eventually became my excuse of becoming a workaholic, eat, sleep repeat for the past decade plus.

I've mixed toxic culture with religion in my mind and not been able to tell the difference until recently.

Born in Eng/89 I moved to Pakistan to live/raised by grandparents for 2 years. After I came back Dad decided to shift the family to Scotland (Kirkintilloch then Cumbernauld) between 1992-2004. We had no family or relatives when out there.
Closest family friends where 30+ miles away and trips see them/us were a couple of times a year.
Growing up I was taught in a Catholic school and I didn't understand what was going on or why I was different - this from nursery all the way to secondary school.

Things changed when we moved back to England. Out of school for 4 months and switching from Scottish system to GCSE system at age 15, with a year and some months before from exams. I was told I was basically starting from scratch. Everything became overwhelming especially when all people would do is fixate on my accent - (which we all still have when speaking amongst ourselves and change when speaking to everyone else πŸ˜‚).
So I had to fight through my education and go to colleges, extra courses and BTEC and other malarkey to get enough points (280) to get into UNI.
I went to DMU in Leicester to study Computer Science but lost passion as the industry I wanted to work in was one of the worst/vile the more I learned about it (Game Development). Leading me to not passing the final year (it was hard for myself).
This has left somewhat sour taste in my mouth and at the moment not really looking to get back into education anytime soon.

How people describe me:
Immature/Mature/Quick Witt/Easy to talk to/Strange/Quirky/Weird/Intelligent/Meany/Cold/Brutally Honest/Joker/Idiot/Ass/Annoying/Open/Welcoming/Non-Judgmental/Good Listener/Funny/Laid Back/Care Free.
Numerous people of all ages and races have said this to me, Good or bad πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
I don't like being bland or just another plain Doe.
I just have a different outlook on life and love to smile/laugh and joke.

Describing my Traits/Qualities/Miscellaneous:
Joker/Fool/Patient/Forgiving/Non-Judgmental/Consistent/Realist/Coconut/Humble/Open Minded/Logical Thinker/Nerd/Progressive/Positive/Calm/Reserved/Introverted/Undivided Attention/Realist/Optimistic/Pessimistic 🀷/Silly/Witty/Chilled/Laid Back/Joker/Fool

I can detach myself from reality. I have thick skin and dish out witty banter quickly.
I've no filter and am able to adapt to most topics.
I could talk for England and bore you to death or make you want to rip your ears off.

*Taught the value of a penny/hard work
*Making jokes/light of myself
*I choose zealousy over jealousy
*I like dark humour
*Don't care about vanity/pride/shame
*Love small details
*Can go off into endless tangents.
*Can live with material or without
*Enjoy nature/beautiful sights
*Love animals, hate all insects, creepy sea creatures
*My imagination is pretty vivid and weird
*Reading gibberish good/bad/abstract/random/fiction/non fiction - if I find it interesting
*Equality - woman should have equal rights/pay and be able to do whatever the hell they want. Watched colleagues and family treated bad and it's systemic bs and I'm not afraid to speak out for them
*Competitive not sore
*Problem (creator) solver
*Curiosity/knowledge seeker - I will (try) learn about anything
*If I'm not familiar with something I won't spout or act as if I do
*Working smart not hard.
*Not afraid to go out of comfort zone
*I'll admit wrongdoing - apologetic
*Chatterbox or silent mouse.
*Great listener - neutral and non biased
*Full of energy
*Limitless sarcasm
*Optimising everything if possible
*Can take or dish out banter.
*Don't hold grudges - Ain't got time for that πŸ˜‚
*Foresight - Learned recently not everyone plans ahead and stress about a everything

Dress sense:
I dress casually jeans/shirt or T-shirt.
Not a chav.
Not a fan of tracksuits unless going to gym
Not for flaunting designer stuff.
I don't care for bling or manbags.
Don't walk like I've got a war injury or need the toilet.


At start of first lockdown in March 2020, I have learned how to cook basic Pakistani dishes/Curries.
Learned how to make great Pilau using a rice cooker and takeaway style egg fried rice.
I have attempted some cakes/desserts/pie through trial and error which have been satisfactory. Not afraid to fail and try again.
I know how to make roti in my head. But in reality 😩

Some Favs:
Comedian: Dave Chappelle
Improv: Middleditch & Schwartz
Documentaries: WW II in colour/Planet Earth
Movie: Lion King/Robin Hood (cartoon fox)/Joker/Wolf of Wallstreet/Inception/Batman Trilogy/Bourne Trilogy
TV Show: Always Sunny/Breaking Bad/Fresh Prince
Anime: Attack on Titan/DBZ/Death Note
Fan of Marvel (MCU)
Also like Harry Potter - Best is 3rd.
Game of Thrones ending was ass, too many plot holes and loose ends, ruined years of progression and storytelling

I can watch almost any sport and follow along

When in the right mindset I love to workout.
I've had ridiculous and strict diet/training periods in the past: 10 reps/10 sets - full body workouts followed by 1hr long cardio
I usually go for tone/definition build but am not afraid of pushing myself to try and get to strength/muscular build too.
Need a gym buddy. Also Form is everything!

Anything that sounds good to me. I don't have any favs - I'd rather listen to random podcasts and stories

Convince me anything had a good story and I'll give it a try. TV shows, Movies, Documentary, Comedy sketch, Netflix or an Anime series. Always looking for more recommendations

Somewhat of a privacy nut. love having the latest technology and gadgets as well as playing video games [since '94] . I own all consoles and gaming pc

My [dad bod] belly is like a pit. My siblings refer to me as a monster or washing machine for eating whatever they bring home as leftovers πŸ˜‚
I'm open to trying anything.

There's a ton more I could write. Just message for any questions.

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What I Am Looking For
This is an arduous approach/search which not everyone likes but again finding the one is not a race!
Everyone is travelling at their own pace - I'm going to what I've adjusted to.

I'm not one for a perfect checklist nor demanding. I just want an equal that I can stand side by side and enjoy my future with 😊
I'd like to avoid a divorce [altogether] in a decade or less (Inshallah).
Preferably a one and done deal (Inshallah).

People with no pictures - Ladies, I get why you need the anonymity and privacy.
I won't pry or ask for you to reveal yourself if it's a casual conversation but if you begin asking serious questions and want to progress further - please reveal what you look like or don't take offence if l ask.

Single parents:
I'm not against talking or conversing casually with single parents that come across my profile but I'd like to avoid this preference for relationship purposes.

If you're in these 4 categories, get in touch if you want:

Castes - Any and all welcome - I don't care
Nationality - Salaam all.
Reverts - No issues with.
Annulled/Divorced/Separated - Life goes on, they weren't the right one.

Mutual attraction.
I'm no spring chicken 🀣 but if your not my type then I will state it.
I'm for liking and attracted to great personalities but at the same time I need to be attracted to whomever too.
If I decline someone who's reached out I'm sorry but I'm not one to lead anyone on.

My ideal preference:
British Pakistani, born & bred are what I'm leaning toward most but open to all as stated above and below.

Ideally 27-35
But if you think we could be a match and outside of these then message.
I've had much older people reach out and demand their invitation for a meet up 🀣
Straight up rejection will follow - don't preach to me what you want and to accept you with open arms - move on.
If you want a casual/general conversation I'm all ears

Some qualities/traits I try to show or live by are what I'd like in a spouse - If you got any of these you're 😎πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘:

Equal/Loyal/Respectful/Banter/Cheek/Joker/Mouthy/Sarcastic/Independent/Strong/Active/Fit/Exercise/Spontaneous/Compromise/Forgiving/Tolerant/Open Minded/Positive/Modern/Traditional/Chilled/Laid Back/Progressive

Likes Animals? (cats)
Buy me takeout at 3am πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜˜
Not shy to talk about anything/topic

Have a personality - I've spoken to people that have told me they have no hobbies and do nothing in their free time. How!?

I've come across numerous profiles stating - Don't waste my time!
Yet you're still on here for years (or more) don't be your own enemy people πŸ₯Έ

Please don't be one to force me into an ultimatums - if it happens once, chances are, it'll continue down that road in the future.

Pick a poison and see what happens.

If you want to know more drop me a message

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