Assalaam o alaikum

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Very religious
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Home Maker
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Texas, Dallas
United States
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I'm registering to find myself a partner

A Little Bit About Me

I have made an Intenion to marry and fall in love with an affectionate, happy, tall, athletic, handsome, righteous gentleman who will capture my heart one whom I love, adore, respect and look up to in admiration, so get ready to be blown away by my presence in a positive way InshaAllah.
Please read my criteria as to who i compliment before inciating contact as I don't want any one to waste their precious time or mine.
I am only for the one who wants to make sincere proposal of marriage.
Islam has protocols regarding opposite gender relations other then for the sake of marriage, so don't ask for friendship, except the intention of marriage in mind and you are ready for the commitment and want the real experience of marriage.
I seek one special gentleman for marriage, if you are seriously ready for commitment, we resonate and we both want the real experience of marriage, we love, adore, respect and look up to each other in admiration.
If interested in knowing me and living in faith, I await you patiently, i pray you will witness for your self the peace, serenity and beauty of Islam.
Transparency, honesty and trust is the key foundation in a lifetime relationship in any marriage, physical spiritual intellectual chemistry and effective fluent communication in English are a requirement.
My ideal candidate is a US citizen, i want to marry a US citizen, not a UK or any other national from any part of the world unless he wants to relocate international as I have found my experience it is a better and easier standard of living and better business opportunities in the USA then any where else including UK I would know i was raised, educated and have had a business in retail fashion in both parts of the world my experience is better living in the USA, however eventually we both want to reside in Dubai, UAE, as my intention is to relocate at some point in the future, Insha Allah.
It is easier to practice the deen and keep the company of righteous like minded individuals.
If you walk your talk, are a sincere man of Taqwa, good Akhlaaq and on complete deen then I would love to hear from you.
Want to know more about me? please ask

What I Am Looking For

He is a noble, classy gentleman, successful business entrepreneur, financially free, independent, with a good character and chivalry.
I am a homemaker and a seeker of knowledge, i am very happy and content staying at home, making our home a place of love, preparing delicious meals with your help will be appreciated, keeping our home clean and hygienic, a blessed clean space we call a home where we take comfort, relax, laughter, joy, fun, romance, happiness, contentment, serene, beauty and peace, we will probably have differences in opinions, I hope we are able to take whatever we are tested with all in our stride and say Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal!
I will stand by you in good, be patient in times of dilemma, InshaAllah, i intend my best effort to help you, advise, meet all your expectations and needs, look up to you in respect admire and love you as you are, I hope you are able to do the same, as long we both don't violate the boundaries of ISLAM, i am a seeker to fulfil the rights of my husband and all our mutual family members, for the pleasure of Allah alone.
There is no obedience to the creation in the disobedience of the Creator.
The husbands role, he is the protector, provider and caretaker, he is thoughtful, respectful, helpful, kind, loving, compassionate, passionate, generous and very funny, he loves to make other people happy, he has an attitude of gratitude, he is a caring guy solely for the pleasure of Allah.
Allah is ever watching and what is hidden in the hearts is apparent to Allah
We attract what we intend, our actions speak louder then our words, one cannot tell the true nature of a person until they live in close proximity as husband and wife.
I hope we encourage each other to do our own muhashirah and muhasibah every day, we will be less likely to find faults, judge or think we are better then others, we do the audit of our own muhasibah, we all have shortcomings, no one can say they are perfect better to keep silent if we haven't got anything good to say that's my approach.
Only Allah is perfect and we are imperfect, we can only aim for the stars and try our best to attain good Akhlaaq, so we attain the pleasure and closeness to Allah through fulfilling each others rights.
We are on the path of spirituality, self development and purification, we are exemplary role models have compatibility with each other with our practice of the deen and our tazkiyah, we have the desire to learn and implement the deen and enter into Islam completely.
I am not one to pick and choose my religion to what suits me, I go by what I am taught by authentic scholars, what is legislated in the Quran Sunnah and Sharia.
I was brought up by my lovely parents may Allah be pleased with them and give them the highest abode in Paradise Ameen, to always raise my standards and always go the extra mile, my tarbiyah is being done by the very best Awliyah of Allah, every day is a progress in place and yes I have exceptional qualities for the right man, i know my true self worth.
His features are tall 5'11 plus, athletic, lean, handsome, fair, sparkling eyes and a beautiful geniune smile
He is a nice sincere truthful righteous gentleman on Quran Sunnah and Sharia.
He has good akhlaaq seeking a beautiful, slim, happy, caring, free spirited, sister for marriage.
A TRUE BELIEVER can NEVER LIE, please don't waste your energy, I will know instinctly, if you have bad characteristics as those indicate we are not suited.
I don't care for arguments, debates, confrontations or drama, I stay away from toxic people and places, trouble makers and liars with foul mouths are complicated and repulsive.
Islam promotes me to hold on fast to my obedience to Allah, my deen, shahadaa, prayers, charity, fasting, the hajj, grace, purity, respect, modesty, loyalty, dignity, humility, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, selflessness, gratitude, ettiquettes, honor, good morals manners and conduct, for me Islam is a complete way of life, I can't imagine a life without Islam.
I am not one to impose my beliefs or rituals on any one, we all have our own free will and choice, guidance is from Allah, i can only convey the truth and how Islam is part of my everyday existence and my life is in perfect harmony, Islam brings out the best in me and it is a beautiful peaceful life and faith, what is missing? my soul mate.
I don't get easily influenced, imitate or follow blindly the masses or want to be like the Joneses, held captive by the deceptive world.
I have a lot more clarity with my purpose and intention of life, the love and pleasure of Allah and keeping company of righteous people who have a positive influence and effect on me.
I am a spiritual being having a uniquely human experience and no way perfect, i am liable to errors like every one, I turn to Allah and repent and if I hurt any one i try my best effort to make amends.
Allah has put in my heart who is the Mr right for me, I have complete trust in Allah and my eyes are open for keeping righteous company.
May Allah guide us all to the be the best and perfect righteous spouses and fulfil the rights of each other. Ameen
May Allah keep us under his special mercy and protection and in his safety at all times, may he make it easy for all of us sincere seekers to find their life marriage partners InshaAllah Ameen.
May we attract the mercy of Allah, may he grant us his complete forgiveness, abundance of barakah, afiyah, health, wealth, happiness, wisdom and knowledge of him that we can share with others.Ameen
May we leave this world a vast legacy of humility, may he accept us all for the service of his noble causes for his pleasure alone and grant us success in both worlds Ameen.
May we have no accountability and allow us easy entry into the highest abode in Jannatul Firdaus, hand in hand in the company and neibourhood of our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihe wassalam in a state of eternal bliss and happiness.
Ameen summa Ameen.
Thank you so much for reading my transparent and lengthy profile, if you want to know me and live in true faith, i await you patiently, I have hope and trust in Allah, He had one special gentleman for me, I have described him and put my application the rest he has my life mapped out for me, it is so comforting.
Jazakhalla khairan khateeran.

Registration Reason

I'm registering to find myself a partner

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