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Ever danced with the devil and lived to tell the tale? (Astaghfirrulah)........

British born (hudds, england) Pakistani, went to Pakistan with family when i was a kid around the age of 6. Got a curse put on me by relative's (usual story you've probably heard). This went on to tear my family apart in the coming years.....Those were the last of my "happy day's".....
Whilst in Pakistan, one late evening a stone hit my head out of nowhere, it was dark and no one knew where it came from. It split my head open and made me bleed. They used my blood for the black magic, amongst other things like long sewing needles, hair, animal bones....it was disgusting, I almost puked! And the stench of spirit (alcohol) coming from what was dug up last year! (38yrs later!)
It was a jinn that was sent to split my head open, this was later revealed to me in a dream at a time when I was doing alot of worship, prayer and study of Islam. This was also cofirmed to me last year.
The black magic was designed for me to self destruct, hamper, destroy and make it difficult to develop relationship's. It separated my whole family, we are back together but not without immense difficulties. I was homeless at 17, didn't know how to cook, clean, wash clothes etc ......that was the end of my studies although academically I could n should've done very well. Elders around me had other plans (again...usual story!). Been pretty much independent since!

The needles were used to stick into the side of my stomach, weakening and completely disabling me for hours at a time. It kept me weak, daily torture for around 25yrs. Doctors had put it down to I.B.S or stress induced stomach ulcer as the symptoms were of those medical problems, some relatives suggested chrones disease. All the time it was the jinn sitting on the left side of my stomach, stabbing and twisting needles into it. Shukr alhamdulilah!! It's over now! I'm recovering now and getting stronger. Just wish the gyms were open.

Life on the street?....well, street life is street life...the "university" of life!
Lost, clueless kid with no idea of the outside world. Got himself kicked out (well, truth be told, driven out by relative's), because he rebelled against the psychological, physical, verbal, human rights, womans rights abuses. I spoke back to narrow minded, culturally brainwashed control freaks, who are good at destroying lives for their own benefit. Religion over culture? Gimme that any day of the week :)
The black magic also got me into alot of trouble's, could never figure it out. Throughout life, trouble upon trouble.

I am not without intelligence or skills, I have a plethora of skills (certified painter/decorator/perfectionist!) handy electrician, d.i.y.ist etc and work experience in various roles. Even an entrepreneurial streak, a successful one too. I have made millions for other other people, however every time I set out to set myself up in life....CRASH!!!
1 step forward 2 steps back!! :(
Gripped by insecurity, desperation, fuelled by anger, rage, resentment, a jinn that was fuelling all that to add to it and a will to get somewhere in life, and oh yeah! Living upto the "expectations of the Asian community" if you're ever gonna be good enough for them to even speak to lol!...come on now, you know who you are! ;)....

All of the above and wrong company was always going to culminate into disaster, resulting in a 5yr custodial sentence at the expense of her majesty :)
In many ways it was a blessing in disguise from Allah SWT. It was the first time in my life I understood the Qur'an, shukr alhamdulilah! I studied alot in prison. Prayed, kept pure, recited durood Sharif etc. I became "elevated" and changes came about for the better. I used to recite durood Sharif and Surat al fatihah over water and drink it throughout the day. It killed off the severity of my stomach pains!!!
The once back breaking metal frame and 1 inch mattress of the prison bed, felt like a "cloud" when I slept on it! When I slept, I slept in peace surrounded by "light", not the usual nightmares and daily stresses we usually find in out dreams. My soul never felt locked up, it felt as if it was "roaming" around several places as I slept. The first time in my life I found peace :).....in prison of all places!

It was during this time I had the dream, where the jinn came and split my head when I was younger. A black, faceless, cloaked figure standing on the roof of the house :(....
Funny, that memory never left me my whole life!!

Since then I've been rebuilding family relationship's with great difficulty, and rebuilding my life with great difficulty because up until last October (2019) I still had the underlying issue.
My past life was a rollercoaster that I or anyone else wouldn't want to get back on!

Alhamdulilah, life's calmed down alot, I'm getting fitter, stronger, healthier and more radiant! On a certain path and wish to stay on it.
After my "exorcism" I even received a "ishara" or "sign" which I managed to capture on camera (profile pic). A kind of good luck sign.
So its all positive and all systems go from now....just looking to take the next step.
Obvisouly there's a whole load more to talk about and I'm willing to do so with the right person.
However I'm sure what I've written above will probably help narrow down to the type of partner I'm looking for and weed out the time wasters (plenty of them on here lol! men and women)

What am I doing with my time just now? Praying and increasing my Islamic knowledge, working and Inshallah starting my own business soon and ........pumping iron! Lots :)

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What I Am Looking For
I hope that anyone who has read the above understands and respects that it took a lot of bottle and guts to write that (and time lol). I'm not expecting and don't want any sympathy, empathy or a flood of enquiries from people who have had or know someone with similar symptoms. It is simply the plain and simple truth. I don't think you'll find a more open and honest profile anywhere. Qiyama is coming and these things are only going to get worse. May Allah bless and protect us all.
My life has only made me stronger and for the better. Alhamdulilah!
Although, I do feel I have a destiny to fulfil.
I updated my profile today for several reasons. Mainly because I don't have time to waste and don't wish to waste anyone else's. The above has been a very big part of my life, it's not a nice feeling, waking up one day and realising your life and decisions haven't been all your own. Or at least they've been heavily influenced by "a dark side" and I don't wish to constantly repeat it to half the site as I trek through this matrimonial jungle.....

I'm not a silver spooned mummies boy with a uni degree....yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about ha! ha!
Nor do I drive a BMW or Mercedes, if these are your or your parents requisites then please move on to the next profile.
I'm no gangsta or rude boy, however my life has taught me many lessons, valuable lessons. Which I'm sure are going to play a big part in the future.
I would love to move to a beach front property, where I could go down to the beach and pray fajr and then watch the sun come up 😍

My "real" life is just beginning and wish to find someone who wants to complete their deen and live life together in a halal, Islamic way.
Religion over culture? Anyday! I'm not a fan of Bollywood movies (I despise the 3hr brainwashing emotional rollercoaster), I do keep a certain distance from the Asian community (life's lessons). I look for good Muslim/Islamic company.
I may even decide to up sticks and move to a better climate. I do feel the UK is changing and maybe its time to seek new pastures and way of life.
I would love to go and feed hungry children for the rest of my days. This would make me happier than material success.
I'm looking for someone islamically inclined and wishes to grow in that direction. I'm also looking for someone with a sense of adventure, who wishes to travel and see Allah's creation.
I'm not fussed about a "big asian wedding", a simple nikkah suits me fine.

After today I will only be logging on for 2 main reasons.
1. To reply to messages
2. To keep my profile near the front of the men's gallery.
I won't be approaching many females as I'm already fully aware that I'm not suitable for most on here. Many thanks for taking the time out to read my profile. Trust me it took a hell of a lot longer to write lol!....6 and a half hours of a day in ramadan to be precise!

Preferred age range 28/30+

P.s. I do enjoy the cinema, gym, weekend breaks, having a laugh, shopping, holidays etc, like most people. I just put up the "make or break" points on here....happy hunting!

Allah Hafiz

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