Assalam o aliakum... ! Be serious

My Sect
Very religious
My Profession
Prefer not to say
Marital Status
Never married
Registration Reason
I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
I’m sunni Syed Muslim ... !
I’m student ..
I’ve a little bit site business of my father ... I took part & spend more time with my father’s business to help them ...
My born month is November
My daY is 13 .... 😉😉😉
My born year is 1993 ...❣️❣️❣️ .
I’ve many hobbies ....
My favourite hobby is traveling one place to other new place & visit the beautiful place ...
I love cricket 🏏...
I live with my family...
I love my parents and sisters too much & they loves me too ...
I belongs to syed cast ...
I’m Gillani Syed ...
I’m sunni Syed ...
Looking a sunni girl ...
I lives in Islamabad & studying in college ... !
Simbling ( 4 sisters no brother )
Younger then all of my sisters 😇😇😇
Ages doesn’t matter heart 💓 should be clean ... !
I work hard , at the moment I do full time but if I do find the right girl .
I would go part time as after marriage ...
I understand there’s not a lot more responsibilities ...

serious honest Boy . love fun and respect others ...
i love life Alhamdolillah and living decent , looking for halal ...
i enjoy time by listening to Music and doing some photography work ,i'm an easy going person , big hearted , very friendly , humble , ambitious , respectful , decent , adventurous ...
my intention is goodwell InshaAllah and to find my soulmate in halal InshaAllah ...

A grounded and a very self driven individual.I am very cheerful and a positive thinking individual.Rest will let you know as the conversation happens.
PLEASE NOTE-If you are looking for a relationship before marriage am not the person for you ,so save us the time here.Am genuinely looking for a life partner so please dont contact me if you are not up for it.Dont push me for my number from the start.I would prefer conversing here before I feel comfortable enough with you
to give my number .

Looking for a decent girl to get married to around the age of 19-25
I have a family of 7 MashaAllah so I am very family orientated.
I am Not here to time so don’t waste my time & as well urs ....
I’m from Islamabad Pakistan 🇵🇰...
Thank You ...

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What I Am Looking For
I joined this website to find a WiFe. I understand that it takes time to get to know a person. So if you are interested in finding a wife, and when we are communicating with each other, we must keep our conversation as pure as possible. I definitely will not approve boyfriend/girlfriend situation. We can treat each other as friends while trying to get to know each other.

I am not sure what ideal match is. I just liked what I heard from a good friend of mine few days ago. "Find a partner and make it right, like our parents did". So if you are interested, I am up for conversation and meet up.

I’m looking my beautiful, gorgeous life partner who loves me . Loyal with me . Islamic girl . I love 💖 those people who cares for other . I’m looking a girl between 20 To 29

A partner that has similar interests to myself, is easy-going and adaptable to family life.

One that would encourage and support me in all aspects of life, and will become not only my partner, but my best friend.

I am looking for someone who is simple, who knows the meaning of marriage.
Who will be a companion, friend and a husband to me. Who would respect me for who i am.

I am looking for someone that I can spend the rest of my life with; best friend/soul mate. I would want my future spouse to be funny, loving, caring, loyal and romantic! I am a hopeless romantic btw – so this is a must! 😉 Also, someone who is on their deen and a true soulmate ! Someone who is family orientated and respectful to myself and my family. I am a very passionate person & would want my wife to be the same and she puts everything into our marriage. Communication is also key. Mutual attraction is also important, we need to be attracted to each other.

If the above sounds like you and you want to know anything else, feel free to send me a message.

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This year
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Prefer not to say
Marital Status
Never married
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1.70m (5' 7")
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Very religious
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