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A Little Bit About Me
As-Salamu Alaikum

I am a UK born and UK University educated practicing Sunni Muslim from an Islamically and an Academically Educated family.

Down To Earth, Easy Going, Patient, Confident, Compassionate, Realistic, A Good Listener and Empathetic towards others.

Alhamdullilah brought up by two exceptionally wonderful parents. Come from a small immediate family.

Not governed by any Nationalistic, Cultural or Tribal norms but Open Minded and have a respect for all.

Contemporary in my ways but then Deen and then Dunya in that order is how I always try to live life.

Mature in age BUT at the same time I'm Young At Heart in many ways (as you will see if we connect and then you can judge for yourself).

Definitely not stereotypical of others in my age group so please do not bear any preconceived views of me prior to meeting me.

Like everybody else I am not perfect BUT always looking to improve myself by being practical and pragmatic in my personal endeavours..

Communication , Clarity , Compromise and Respecting each other’s differences is important to me in dealing with matters when they arise. The same applies in the marital life with my other half.

Friends and colleagues who know me say that I have a Good Sense Of Humour, Relaxed, Friendly, Positive, Supportive, Kind and Caring.

Enjoy Travelling ✈️ , Dining Out (a gastronome at that - However I’m not looking for a Master Chef winner, so I hope that does not put you off - ...Oh and BUT if you are then that’s OK too 😜!!!), like Movies (especially psychological thrillers) Health Conscious, try to Keep Fit, into most Sports. An ardent Man Utd fan ⚽️.

Can converse in English, Gujarati, Urdu, Hindi and a little bit of spoken Arabic.

Hmmmm..... have I left anything out ?☺️ ☺️

I think that is β€œA LOT About Me”.... don’t you think? Anything else please ask when we connect 😊

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What I Am Looking For
That can be summed up into simply just three words : " A NICE LADY" .

Which will be reflected by her inner beauty as I firmly believe in the saying that β€œOne must not judge a book by its cover alone β€œ!!! Even though initial attraction is important for both parties. But looks alone will not guarantee a long and happy marital relationship!

So someone with a Kind Heart, Sincere, Caring, Humble, Honest, Loyal, Friendly, Positive, Respectful and having a Good Sense Of Humour with some Banter would certainly be desirable qualities for one to have. 😊 😊

Someone who is NOT Selfish, Rude, Arrogant, Racist, Narrow Minded, Has Too Much Pride, Too Moody or Too Serious all the time. Definitely NOT someone who is Cantankerous or always Discontent with everything in life. No Drama Queens please! IF THE ABOVE APPLIES THEN WE ARE NOT RIGHT FOR EACH OTHER.

You are AT LEAST A Moderately Practicing Muslimah who ALWAYS keeps HALAL (Especially Food, Drink and Earnings) and a Non-Smoker of any form (Inc Shisha). Attains to improve herself in her Deen without any coercion from anyone.

I am NOT expecting anyone to tick ALL of the above POSITIVE PERSONALITY boxes but will happily settle for simply an Honest Person with a Big Smile who shares similar Values, Needs, Likes, Expectations and where we generally Complement each other. To mutually lead a Stress Free and Content life together no matter what comes our way. Is that possible ? No part timers please.

Someone I can proudly call a Wife, a Friend, a Confidante, my Significant Other!. The β€œSpecial One”....... I hope.

Together we build a Long Lasting, Happy, Peaceful and a NEW FAMILY life of ours ( πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ ). In-Shaa-Allah.

If you have got this far then I am well impressed and if that is you (i.e The Special One) 😊 then I look forward to hearing from you and if not πŸ˜” then best of luck in your search.

Oh, and there’s a little bit more to complete this long essay/thesis.....😜

I do not want to waste anybody's time nor them waste mine, so please DO NOT be offended if I DO NOT reply if you DO NOT meet ALL of the following match criteria:-

1. My search for the "SPECIAL ONE" is for someone who is UNDER 40 YEARS OF AGE.

2. Happy to consider SINGLES or A DIVORCEE BUT WITHOUT children from previous relationship. (That is only so to avoid problems with acceptance by other related parties which might affect our relationship).

3. Not interested in the so called LEGALLY SEPARATED person or a purely UK VISA seeker or someone on holiday in UK wanting a quick marriage.!!! Please Be Honest. An English speaker if you are not from the U.K.

4. Believe in Equality so if there’s NO PICTURE(S) ON YOUR PROFILE then please DO NOT expect a REPLY FROM ME!. I am sure you will agree that it is UNFAIR to request to see my Private Picture Gallery when you DO NOT even have A Single Visible Profile Picture!

5. For those for whom it matters we do not follow Khatams, Milaads or any other forms of celebrations or practices that is not authentically prescribed within The Quran and The Sunnah BUT each to their own and have respect..


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