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Greater Manchester
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A Little Bit About Me
Serious, mature, protective, playful and daft.

Looking to complete 2 bachelors and 2 masters. Still haven’t got a clue.

Do not hold prejudice or hate with the exception of rhubarb.

The pursuit of money to try and impress others with things I do not need is not me.

Brought up to be well mannered and a gentleman.

What makes me happy: Holding babies (I can’t stop smiling when I am holding one), playing with my little cousin's (I act like a big kid with them), my mum’s cooking, snow, laughter, good films, good TV, exploring, scuba diving, running, mindfulness, reading, long walks, the beach, anime, the sea, Sunday lie-ins, sunsets, sugar, chocolate and most of all, spending time with the people I love.

I would treat your family with the warmth, humour, and affection that I have for my own, I hope you would treat my family as I would treat yours. (when you meet my lot you are going to run for the hills.) ;‑)

Willing to take lessons in the language that you speak at home with your parents. It might take me a while, but I will get there.

If you have been in a relationship before, that’s fine, I think we all had some sort of life before we stumbled upon this site. I appreciate it is not an easy thing to put your trust in someone. If you have children, that is a blessing, it would be nice to help look after and guide a little one. (Children are a gift some brothers need to remember that.)

Calm, patient and relaxed (books by the Dalai Lama will do that to you). I do not have a temper.

Like any man I have flaws if you are looking for perfection (I personally blame Disney) you will not find it here.

I go on holiday every year to music festivals or activities like skiing or scuba diving. Just guys no wives or partners.

I can’t cook (but do a mean boiled egg) If you are willing to teach me, then I am willing to learn.

I am no better or smarter than any man, but I do not choose to pursue an ordinary life. It requires sacrifice and long hours.

You can ask me anything I will be honest. Some answers you may not like, but I need to be upfront about who I am than to be someone I am not.

This is a much much harder thing for girls than for guys. Do not allow yourself to be pressured by anyone (well-meaning or not) into doing anything you are not comfortable with. Trust your instincts if it does not feel right then don’t do it and no meeting strangers alone, (yes I know I sound like a dad.) Sincerely hope you find someone that is kind and loving who is just right for you, and you are right for them.

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What I Am Looking For
Warm, calm with a caring nature.

Does not have a temper.

Need to be attracted to the woman I am going to marry but being beautiful on the inside is much more important. Looks fade over time but the girl I fall in love with all those years ago she will still be there. :-)

Wants a big family, would like to have four little ones.

Whether my wife stays at home or continues to work is a personal decision for her and her alone. Whatever she decides she will always have my support.

Would like to get to know someone deeply before we commit. I do not think a few conversations is a basis for spending lifetime together, as anybody can play nice. I am not looking for a girlfriend or anything haram. Its just that finding the right person takes time, so choose to be patient.

I don’t bear a grudge after an argument. Being angry towards someone encroaches on yourself and that’s not good for anyone. I would hope that would be your outlook as well.

Marriage can be hard work that person you were once so infatuated with, at times you may not want to be in the same room as them. It takes compromise, honesty, acceptance, humour, positivity, resilience, maturity, understanding, openness, support and a true deep and meaningful friendship to keep a marriage together. If you lack these qualities then ultimately we are not going to work.

kindness is by far and away the most important and endearing quality a person can have. I mean true kindness deep down inside. The desire to help and give to others because that is your nature. If you are kind enough to let me have the last slice of pizza, then I will split it in half so we both can share it. That is all I am looking for, a kind soul to share a life and the last slice of pizza with.

That's it well done I can’t believe you got to the end. (what is wrong with you) Nah just kidding you deserve a gold star for reading all this I am so proud of you. ;-)

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