ahl as-sounna wa al-jama'a

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Please, read carefully my profile BEFORE sending me msg..

Salam alaykom,

********I don't have mahram unfortunately*********
If you are interested in my profile and to avoid any mixing, please put me in contact with a third person of your choice (woman) in order to exchange our information and see if there is compatibility. I cannot chat directly with non-mahram man due to religious reasons. For that reason, pls don't ask me for my phone number and don't give me yours.
Sharee’ah blocks all the ways that may lead to fitnah. It is not permissible for any man to correspond with a woman who is not her mahram, because of the fitnah (temptation) involved in that. You should note that marriage to a righteous man is a blessing from Allaah, and a blessing cannot be acquired by means of sin. And Allaah knows best. Réf.: https://islamqa.info/.../men-and-women-talking-in-chat-rooms

Please I don’t want to be rude if you don’t like what you read. I'll make it clear in order to avoid lost of time for everybody:
-Do not contact me if you're looking for some thing temporary (misyar marriage is not part of Islam).
-Do not contact me if you are not financially stable and looking to be financially sustained by a woman.
-Do not contact me if you are separated and not legally divorced.
-Do not contact me if you are planning to practice polygamy ( despite being permitted, it is not mandatory. I am unable to accept it.).
- Do not contact me if you're looking for friendship, dating, GF for zina.
-Do not contact me if you drink or use drugs.
No need to send criticism or unpleasant and hateful messages, itaq-illah! Behave as a Muslim that you are.

Who I am:
- Minhaj I follow: ahl as-sounna wa al-jama'a
-I became Muslim since my teenage years.
-Religious studies: I listen to dourrouss online quite regularly according to my abilities. The few shouyoukh I listen to: Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen, Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albani, Muhammad Sa'eed Raslan, Saalih Ibn Saalih al-Fawzan...
-My character? Clean, calm, educated, empathetic, optimistic, feminine.
- I take care of myself; I look younger than my age (mid-thirties), elhamdolilah.
- Can I move to your husband's town? : Yes, as long as my husband resides in islamic land and intends to stay there permanently.
-I will only accept civil marriage + religious marriage contracts.
Now with all that being said... I'm a pretty cool, down to earth, sweet human being 🙂

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What I Am Looking For
I'm looking for:
- A brother who is confortable with the fact that I will not work after marriage.
- Brother upon salafiyyah who has tawakul, taqwa, ilm, eeman. He must strive to adhere to the words of our Rabb & follow the sunnah of Rasulullah sallalahu aleihi wa’salaam.
- Muslim man, acting with foreign women as he would like others to act with the women of his family (mother, sister, aunts...).
- Brother who follows the Salafi minhaj (which avoids mixing, al riba, photos /representations of souled beings, avoiding music, no drugs/alcohol...), who wears the Sunnah, who will treat his wife according to the precepts of Islam, clean, protective, educated, calm, who does his 5 salats. A financially independent brother (lawful work according to the precepts of Islam) who will be able to support his wife . A brother who wishes to have a wife at home and who wishes to have a wife who follows her religion (wearing the niqab, jilbab etc...).
-Preferably over 1.80m since I am tall (I'm 1.72m).
- Redhibitory criteria: dirty, violent, nervous, sneaky, dishonest man, who does not apply the Sunnah, arrogant.

If you are here to make friends first to waste unnecessary time and then will think of marriage, I must tell you that I am not the person you are looking for. My understanding says a man and a woman can only be friends after their marriage.
If you are not among those which I want then please do not message me. My only intention is to lead a proper Islamic life along with my husband so that we can both be in peace and together we can strive and struggle to make Allah happy by our Deeds.

Thank you for visiting my profile. May Allah make it easy for all of you. May Allah swt send us all pious spouse that will benefit us in this life and the next, amiine.
Jazak Allah Khairan.

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