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A Little Bit About Me

Assalam alaykom!

What can I put in this autobiography?!

Thirty-seven years ago, in kingdom by the sea, was born the item of mortality that is me.

Today, I find myself to be a gentle person with conservative values and modern methods; a melange of cultures with a dash of the desert in my veins.

I'm a talkative, yet attentive listener, who values family-time very much and considers it the high-light of everyday. I do not anger quickly and I am not violent. I'm not quick at making promises, but once I make them then I do keep them.

I was born in the UK, grew up in Saudi Arabia, am a Saudi citizen and am relatively multi-cultured.
My mother tongue is English, and it is the language I am generally most comfortable with, though I do speak Arabic like a native.

I am a Sunni Muslim but do not rigidly subscribe to any particular school of Islamic jurisprudence. I pray all obligatory Salah, pay Zakat, fast Ramadan, maintain healthy relations with my parents, siblings & relatives and do not poke my nose in other peoples' business.

I have been blessed with a good deal of knowledge of Islamic teachings, so I do not sheepishly follow the throng. I do not celebrate milads, khatams or similar occasions.

I love children and would like to have my own as well as foster orphans.
I have learnt to be tolerant of people's opinions and actions, even if I don't agree with them. I think a husband and a wife can have a very healthy emotional relationship even if they disagree, as long as they do not personalize their views on matters external to the family unit.
Talking about what is important to both sides can do wonders for finding common views and deciding to accept differing views.

I have the full support of my family regarding this on-line search and have no family-related obstacles to marriage.

I had a brief unconsummated marriage that didn't work out. It was a 'traditional' marriage, where I didn't know the girl beforehand, and the opportunity to get to know each other properly was not afforded. In my next marriage, I would like to get to know the girl well before the marriage contract (Aqd Al-Nikah) is performed. Marriage is a big responsibility that is not to be taken lightly.

Lastly, I wish everyone on this site success.


A few random facts about me:

1. I adore cats. I don't keep them indoors, though.

2. I am staring to lose some of my hair..... I guess I am getting old ;)

3. I love gardening, but haven't done much in recent years.

What I Am Looking For

I'd like to emphasize a point. If two people are comfortable conversing and interacting with someone, then they will most probably get along with each other. If we are not comfortable, for whatever conscious or subconscious reason, then we need not proceed further. It takes a few 'interactions' before that becomes apparent. It is important to make the effort, otherwise neither side will know.

I could summarise that I desire friendship, companionship and children in marriage; but that would be too simple. My aim to to find that tranquility "??????? ?????" (Sura Al-Roum, Ayah 21) that will be the base to build a happy family on.
Two people will find it in each other, or they won't. The only way to find out is by talking to each other.

Eventually, I'd like to be best friends with my wife.

Proper communication is essential. We are not just the words we type, but the words we speak, the tones of our voices, the expressions on our faces while we speak and when we are silent, and much more. We can only begin to understand each other when we communicate properly.
After 3-4 messages, if we do not start video conferencing or meet in person, for me, interest will wane.

I have found that one may be able to communicate well with someone via the written word only to find out that its almost impossible in a live conversation.
Reading what a person writes just offers a starting point.

The type of wife I am searching for:
A woman with Islamic personal values, who is not a stickler for tradition, and who speaks English.

I'm not looking for someone to cook meals, iron clothes, etc...- I manage that well enough - but for someone with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies requisite for our being.

Every person has preferences. Mine are: age 27 years or less, never married or divorced without children, and would like to have children.

I understand I woman's need for her privacy and will, insha'Allah, provide her with an home where independent of her future in-laws.

I have no preference regarding height (I don't mind if she 10 inches taller than me). Caste and social standing mean nothing to me. Personal qualities are paramount. As for hijab, I don't have demands (and will discuss this, insha'Allah).

I'm fine with both born Muslims and reverts. In both cases I'm really looking for someone whose faith is based on knowledge and conviction (or who would like to base their faith on knowledge), and not on tradition and imitation.

Ideally, meeting in person at the outset is best. If distance and circumstances forbid that, then after introductory messages, a video conversation will be best.

My desire is to marry after approximately 5-6 months of initial contact, if all goes well (but this would be a mutual decision). This period will permit ample communication and preparation for taking the relevant steps, particularly if geographical relocation is taking place.

My goal is to settle in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My family lives there and I have an obligation to take care of them.

I'm willing to meet my spouse half-way on everything.
Work/the pursuit of a professional career is purely a choice for my wife-to-be and I am comfortable with it.

As I get along well with a variety of personalities, I would not like to define attributes that I desire in a wife-to-be. Everyone is different. Everyone is special.

Thank you.

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I'm registering to find myself a partner

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