Well the dishes aren't gonna clean themselves...

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Very religious
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United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner

A Little Bit About Me

Apologies if I've clicked on your profile a gazillion times. It's impossible to remember who's who around here. 😳


As-salamu alaykum

I consider myself to be a laid back, positive, humble guy who’s honest and up-front.

I like going out, but you just can't beat staying in with a nice cup of tea, in your comfy clothes, with your feet up on the sofa with a good film on. I'd say I'm an introvert. Or maybe it's just old age. 👴🏽

I'm veeerrry family oriented. I find a more lasting happiness being at home with the family rather than being outside of the house.

I've lived on my own in the past so I am used to being active around the house in terms of tidying and cleaning. My cooking abilities end at breakfast. 🍳

I am very health conscious so eat good, clean food (most of the time). I hate heavily processed foods and would ban it all from the house if could. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and there’s the odd bike ride. Currently looking for a tennis partner. 🎾 I used to play football a lot and was a member of the my local athletics club training as a sprinter so you'll probably struggle to keep up with me 🏃🏼

I don't listen to music and I don't watch much TV (What is there to watch these days!?) apart from a bit of football, Breaking Bad, Brooklyn Nine-Nine or a documentary, or anything else similar to these.

I'm into all things art and design.

Recently I have been living my life more and more upon the Qurān and Sunnah (upon the understanding of the Salaf as-Salih). I strive to put into action any new knowledge I gain and do not follow any cultural traditions.

I will lead you in Salāh and be a fair ruler of our home in shā' Allāh.

I have performed 'Umrah twice, and by The Grace of Allāh I performed Hajj in 2017 ☺️

In terms of Islamic studies, I know how to read the Qur'ān and do so daily. I'm becoming quite attached to it ❤️. I have memorised around two thirds of juz 'amma (para 30) and have learned tajweed. I am currently learning Arabic speaking and writing which is like a dream come true as I've been wanting to learn it for years! I regularly attend lectures at my local masjid.

I've recently got involved in giving dawah to non-muslims and regularly help out at some city centre dawah tables.

What I Am Looking For

Someone to goof around with for the rest of my life and maybe make some babies along the way 😂

Seriously though... someone of a loving and caring nature.

Must have a good sense of humour, otherwise I'd just annoy her to death. Don't say I didn't warn you. 😀

Someone supportive and a good team player.

I'm a naturally quiet person so would prefer someone not crazily loud.

Must be laid back, I just hate unnecessary drama and preferably someone mentally stable 😀

Recently I've felt like I've found my true self, but I'm still on a journey and would really like a companion to share the special moments with. I'm quite passionate and want an emotionally connected relationship full of deep conversation and silly laughter.

Most importantly, someone on the same level (or a bit more or a bit less) as me in terms of deen and on a similar aqeedah.

I am open to all ethnic backgrounds. Maximum height 5' 3" (160cm)

Jazak Allahu khayran for reading and I wish you all the best.

Registration Reason

I'm registering to find myself a partner

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25,000 - 50,000
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United Kingdom


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Information Systems & Internet Commerce


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Web Developer


Very religious
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Yes Hijab
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