An introvertedly extroverted halal guy

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A Little Bit About Me
Salam 👋 😊. ! I go by the name of Aa. I have a SW engineering degree and I devour code for a living. Currently working and living in Germany Dortmund on a work visa but I’m originally from Karachi, Pakistan. I'm a private and introverted guy who likes to keep his social circle small and spend quality time with family and friends. I find joy in surrounding myself around loved ones and enjoy caring for those who I value. I am a very sincere person and once I put my heart and mind into something, I am very committed to it. This will also be the case in the marriage. As long as I feel that it's not a one-sided effort and that you too are doing your best to make this work, I am sure that we WILL (InshAllah) make it work.


I would consider myself a practicing Muslim. Religion plays a big role in my life as a solid foundation to carry out life here and hereafter. I try my best to maintain my prayer (fardh & sunnah), fast, and read Qur’an. I eat halal (zabiha & halal machine-slaughtered ones), don’t drink, and don’t smoke. I'm learning Arabic so I can better understand what I pray and read.ISLAM > CULTURE.


Programming - Well this is one that lasted, I'm kinda making a career out of it now.

Traveling - I like adventure and new experiences. I’m always up for anything, whether it’s going out or staying in. I've so far been to 4 countries and I really want to travel the whole world with my future partner.

Being Active - I like going to the gym and going for runs or long walks. I'm really passionate about feeling good about myself and that feeling that comes with working out is amazing for me. It's going to sound extremely corny but I have this cute idea where I have a very aesthetic body but only my wife gets to see it In Sha Allah. Kind of how I'll be the only one who knows what she looks like ygm?

Sports: I am a big soccer/football fan and I like playing or watching football when it's on.

History: I know this is the fifth one, but bear with me :D. I am a bit of a history buff, I love reading about it, and I love visiting historical sites and Museums.

Besides those, I also enjoy watching Netflix and animes(I've watched a lot) :P

I am INFJ and my love languages are a combination of quality time, acts of service, and physical touch, whether it’s traveling, trying new foods, or just enjoying each other’s company

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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What I Am Looking For
I don’t have huge expectations beforehand rather more open to exploring things together.

To preface, I look for someone who would be everything to me, rather than just a wife, as I would be to them. Someone to share my life with, and who would prioritize our relationship as a married couple in shaa Allah :)

As for more specific characteristics:

Most importantly, someone who values (sunni) Islam the most in their life, and tries to live by it before all else. Cultural traditions dont matter to me, and they should not be prioritized over Islam. Very open to someone at the start of their journey! As long as she is someone who would grow in this beautiful religion together with me. Neither of us has to be perfect, but we should certainly seek improvement :)

Someone that wears (or is working on/plans to wear) the hijab. Anything above and beyond is a very welcome bonus! I am very willing to help and support in this aspect, but the willingness should be there (I don't intend to force it as I believe it should be done for Allah and not for anyone else, but I don't see myself marrying someone who does not/will not wear it in the future).

Respect & Empathy & Kindness: I’d love to have someone who respects me for who I am & is emphatic about the Hardships & efforts I’d make for them. Willing to communicate their thoughts, needs & desires with me. I’d love to have deep conversations where we’re vulnerable with each other. Someone is who is generally kind and sensitive..

Health: I try to be Fit & maintain a healthy sustainable Lifestyle, so I’d expect them to be the same as well if not thrive to take care of their Health.

A lady who is understanding and would go with me, hand in hand, through this journey of life, and into the next life in shaa Allah :)

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