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Minnesota, Minneapolis
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A Little Bit About Me
Salamu Alaikum,

I reverted to Islam when I was 21 and have never looked back. Islam is my deen, my way of life, and I am always trying to find the Middle Path in these crazy times so that I can lead my family in the best way.

I have two beautiful (on the inside and out) teenage twin girls. Their mother and I continue to work closely together to raise them, alhamdulillah.

In my spare time I enjoy long walks by myself or with my family, and with a little encouragement, other outdoor activities and sports. I enjoy time indoors as well - PC games, tabletop games (e.g. D&D), watching movies, learning about history, and dining with family and friends. I have a good sense of humor and enjoy expressing love, affection, and support to my family members.

I am by nature a very positive and forgiving person who tries to make the most out of life, whatever the circumstances. If you fall down I'll be there to help you back up. If you make mistakes and are remorseful and do your best to change, I will do my best to be forbearing and forgiving. And if we all fall down due to circumstances beyond our control I will be the first to get us all get up, insha Allah.

Others often describe me as a dutiful, honest, and responsible person. I take my responsibilities seriously and believe that a man's word should be iron.

The written word is easier for me than the spoken one. Sometimes this leads to people misunderstanding me when I speak - which requires me to go back and explain.

I'm more introverted than extroverted and enjoy time to myself as well as with others. I try my best to put my needs last, so whatever time you or my children need from me, is yours. I just need some time occasionally by myself to recharge my battery.

I'm highly analytical and enjoy planning ahead or "tying my camel" whenever appropriate. I'm naturally inquisitive and enjoy asking questions and learning.

Financially speaking, I earn an IT Professional's salary, own my own home, live modestly and below my means, and save / invest consistently.

My dream is to retire in Medina or at least spend more time there, and making Umrah, Hajj, etc.

Oh, and I love cats and coffee. I've travelled to about 15 countries. And I've performed the Hajj [but would love to go again, insha Allah].

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What I Am Looking For
In short, I'm looking for a feminine, religious Muslima who takes pride in making her household more Islamic, loving, peaceful, and happy.

I'm looking for a big sister for my daughters, someone that can be a friend and role-model to them.

I'm attracted to kind people that think positively, are affectionate, light-hearted, fun to be around, and those who strive to take good care of their health.

I appreciate people who have a creative or artistic side to them and those who have a good sense of humor.

I'm looking for a forever partner and intimate friend - someone who's understanding and supportive and really understands what it means to be a garment for your spouse.

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