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Research Scholar
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If I could describe myself it would be something along these lines.....Simple, down to earth and have a realistic approach towards life.
As an individual, i consider myself as a loyal, compassionate, generous, caring, spontaneous, energetic and fun-loving, living life to the fullest within my moderate resources.
Always striving to be a better person, honest and a good human being as well as a practising Muslim. By all means, prefer living on solid principles of decency, with deep faith in it especially when handling personal relationships. I humbly appreciate what Allah has blessed me with and am content with what I have to achieve.
I don't follow fashion specifically & prefer dressing up simply suiting to the occasion, do manage to keep up with trends in moderation. So, am comfortable wearing a traditional dress, as well when dressed formally for work or in a simple t-shirt and jeans.
I am actively pursuing a routine of jogging, one of the few healthy habits hoping to continue in future. I'm always eager to learn about healthy living and fitness...but as the clichè goes, no gym freak
A little old-fashioned in some aspects but with a wise head on my shoulder which has certainly helped to manage/balance life with wisdom so far:)
I am an avid music lover and a movie buff, I do make time for that but reading has always been my ultimate preference and my favourite past time-my choices would include poetry, history and biographies mostly.
Lately, I've developed an interest to learn about other cultures & cuisines, something that I hope to explore more with my life partner.
I do volunteer some of my time, whenever there is a chance around a social cause-currently am teaching a group of labourers to read and write basic English, to help them communicate better, am sure it would support them somehow.
I have been born and brought up in Kuwait, did BA from Pakistan, have worked both in Kuwait and back home, so have seen life from different angles. Currently, employed with a research agency as a senior manager. I do enjoy my professional career as a means of personal growth too.
Although life has been a test at different stages, I have always believed in keeping a positive outlook towards the future & moved on after learning something out of each experience including marriage. So to me, the glass has been and is always half full if it comes to that.
To sum it up, I humbly believe in being a warm, giving & understanding person as much as possible.
Being a patient listener certainly adds on making me a friend and a positive companion; at least that's what I am told.
I have not been lucky in my first marriage but have made a decent living on my own so far, with the sole responsibility of my child as a single parent.
Allah has blessed me with a daughter. She is a lovely, well-behaved young lady, who follows the traditional & religious values that I have been able to raise her with.
My family is loving, where everyone is close and stands by one another.
Since I have been introduced to this site by a friend who has successfully managed to find a life partner a few years ago through its service, so am trying to give it a try for a fresh start. I am looking for a person who is willing to share a true commitment in marriage and wants to explore life with a positive outlook. A person who would be willing to learn and grow as we stand by each other at all times, good or bad.
Thank you for taking the time to read through my profile. Wish you the best of luck with your search.

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What I Am Looking For
Like-minded individual, with similar characteristics. Happy, optimistic, easy going, humble and God fearing. Confidence is sexy, but arrogance is a big no-no.
A man, who is wise, strives genuinely towards honesty and being kind to others, decent, down to earth, educated, with a good sense of humour, someone who believes in family values specifically and is a practising Muslim.

You just have to be respectful and willing to share everything that life brings. I will be all for sharing smiles, bring smiles to others. Life is too short to be taken too seriously! : )

A gentleman, with a wisdom to respect the others as they are while still upholds the importance of human values in general and Islamic in specific. I believe that compatible life partners compliment each other as they grow together, so am really hoping to find someone who would aspire to share love, respect and understanding and be my Rock:). Earns a decent and halal living, enough for us to make most of whatever we will have together, as a family. Positive at heart and mind and is really clear and realistic about what he needs and wants in a life partner.

If you have children of your own or don't, don't mind at all, the more the merrier I say!... I have a daughter of my own and can understand how it feels to be a parent. I also don't mind if your a revert, are of mixed race or what your caste or class is...we are all equal in the eyes of Allah.

If there's no pic...I'm not going to respond nor communicate.
I'm neither looking for a boyfriend nor to entertain time wasters or even become cyber buddies. So don't waste each other's time either, respectively.

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