Serious search for a best friend & Life partner

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United Arab Emirates
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
To start with...i am on a vvvv strict diet :)i hv lost alot & on way to loose more. some pics are new while others are old

I belong to a well educated & reputed family.
Yet authoritarian and extra pampered, am very humble & down to earth , mature and very understanding.

I dont believe in castes or races, rather i believe in humanity so No preference of any caste or language, i only want a loyal sincere & honest soul
I am very kind and soft hearted.

I think its the time for me to settle down & spend my rest of the life with the right person (if am able to find her here)

I like and enjoy shopping & most of the tine am on shopping spree lol

Am very lucky and fortunate (in this matter) that i have no responsibility on me from my family, so am independent to do anything and go anywhere anytime. so finding my partner in crime

I travel alot, alot means alot, not for business but because i love travelling. I am not the kind of person who likes to explore new places , if i like a city then i will visit it 20 times and still will plan next holiday to the same place

For me, i don't hv a fix or a scheduled pre-planned holiday time, i can be on holiday 365 days a year.

I am crazy for perfumes and i wear fragrances 24/7 😍

Well ...am a sensitive and lil emotional sort of person . I am v straight fwd & honest . V Reserved with unknown ppl , but vvv jolly with friends and closed ones. Always irritating friends...v humorous ..i like long long drives, hanging out with friends, Travelling, Exploring diff places and Hotels
I study and read alot of stuff...all the time. You can have hours n hours of conversation with me on any any topic/subject without getting bored. My humour level is unexpectedly and unpredictably high. Once my mind matches with someone so he/she is LOL all the time.
Still exploring life and gaining experiences in all walks of life . Hate mean, fake n materialistic ppl to extremes
Very Reserved with unknown ppl

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What I Am Looking For
I want someone for lifetime
i have many many and MANY options to go arrange way & get married & from many many years...but my thinking is very different and i can't opt for it. It can be done just in a week, but against my nature
That's why am here on this site to find someone myself so that we can explore eachother & mutually agree to be together for whole life, without any compromise, as in the case with arrange marriages which i hate

I want a best friend, a girl friend and a wife all in one. Someone who won't be an ordinary wife but my life time companion, my critic, my advisor, my travel buddy , my Boss (lol) ...i mean it :) I believe that a marriage bw two ppl should be more of a best friends, bf gf relationship with full understanding instead of typical stringent husband wife relation

well i wanted to marry since i was 15 lol . so i am unlucky that i couldn't found my life partner all that time and now landed on this site due to my very shy and reserved nature

I would prefer someone who is well cultured and has a sense of dressing & everything. I wont be able to match a "Painduu" person in any any way, be it dressing wise (either eastern or western) or anything else. I am impressed by good ethics, overall personality & dressing.

A genuine person , i hate fake ppl.
Sincere and Characterful
Liars & Hypocrites stay away
If you have tendency to lie or cheat or deceive in any way please don't waste your or my time. I am seriously looking for a sincere n loyal person to settle down
No mind games welcomed at all

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