Umrah Winners

Halim & Munira

Halim and Munira found success on

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Shayda & Sedki

Shayda and Sedki found success on

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Celina & Ahmed

Celina and Ahmed found success on

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Yusuf & Aisha

Shopping for a husband!

Yusuf Dyton (now known as Emanuel) met his soul mate Aisha Mahmood on and they married a year later.


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Tariq & Naaila

A ready-made family

Tariq and Naaila Mohammed were busy house-hunting but we were delighted when the newlyweds invited to Tariq's family home in Manchester to tell us all about their unique path to marriage. Their Nikah is proof that persistence pays off and that happiness can be just a click away.

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Suhail & Sabeeha

Sharing jokes and warm fuzzy feelings!

Suhail Bux and Sabeeha Mulla met on What followed was a unique and romantic journey to Nikah and to the rest of their lives together.

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Mohammad & Anila

From 5,000 miles to marriage smiles

Within a month of meeting on, Mohammad Ali and Anila Ansari were married. It's not the quickest marriage that the website has seen but, considering our happy couple currently live five thousand miles apart, it was no mean feat! met the newlyweds at Mohammad's house in Slough, whilst Anila was visiting the UK from her home in Canada, when they shared their unique journey with us, as well as their plans for the future.

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Fawad & Farhana


Fawad Habib arrived in the UK last year on a student visa and he met his soul mate, Farhana Choudhury, within two months of registering on The happy couple held their nikah in May, followed by their registry office wedding in July.

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Nanu & Rumana


It didn't take long for Nanu Uddin and Rumana Islam to decide that they wanted to marry after finding each other on The couple held their Nikah only six weeks after meeting.

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Yousaf & Nashina


Soul mates Yousaf Nisar and Nashina Ashiq found each other – and love – on They married during a four-day celebration. were kindly invited to the happy couple's Bradford home to hear their amazing story. Let's meet the newlyweds...

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Success Story

We have a bride from this site, Alhamdulillah soon my brother will get married to her InshaAllah . First she was saying she is another groom and quite serious with him etc but However, didn't go accordingly her plans so she contract us back saying that is interesting to my brother profile and would like a meeting so we had meeting with her and then afterward with her family and Alhamdulillah after Ramadan we are planning a wedding for my brother and new sister in law InshaAllah and thank you much for ur support from this site , with this support I don't I can find my new sister in law . Salaam Sent from my iPhone
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I have found my better half on here Mash'Allah!!

Yasin, Rotherham

In all honesty I didn't feel I would find my soul mate on Single Muslim.

I was very sceptical but I was proven wrong and I am glad to say that Single Muslim helped me find the love of my life.

For those who feel that this site doesn't help I would like to say give it a shot, you never know who is out there.

To all those searching I wish you all the best.

Atif, Edinburgh

I am very happy.


Frecciz, Manta

Mash'Allah I have found the one I have been looking for..

Thank you

Tanvir, Lisbon

Great service!!

Zara, East Midlands

It took me a little time to find success but Allah works in mysterious ways, In sha Allah everything goes well.

Thank you for your support.

Mohammed Abdul, Birmingham

I found the man that I love very much.

Thank you very much.

Azemine, Bavaria

Thanks for all what u do..

Imene, Sousse

I am getting married soon Insh'Allah!!

Hassan, Leicester



Alhamdulilah, I got married to Farhana on the 25th of February 2018. Her username on is 'muslimamuslima'. Our marriage has been registered and a Marriage Officer did our nikkah, Ma Sha Allah. 
Due to current work commitments we are not able to take a honeymoon 
In sha Allah We hope to go on long summer break instead to Dubai 
I would personally like to thank Adeem and his team at singlemuslim for this platform which has been a life changing for us.

Jazak Allah Khairan 
Harris London

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I registered on single muslim in 2016, and found success and then deleted my account in 2018.

Thank you so much 
I wasn’t aware of the share my story and in return I would get a free umrah trip. 
How do I go about this ? both me and my husband found each other on
I am willing to share our story how do I go about this?


Sairah Manchester

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We have a bride from this site, 
Alhamdulillah soon my brother will get married to her InshaAllah . 

We arranged a meeting with her first and then afterwards with her family and everyone is happy.

Alhamdulillah after Ramadan we are planning a big family wedding for my brother and new sister in law InshaAllah

Without your  support I don't think we would have found a  new sister in law . 

Greater London


Sent from my iPhone

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Found my wife :-)

Abraham, Kent

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Thanks for helping I found my match.

Ahmmed, Lahore

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I meet someone and we are get Engaged soon inshallah.

Hamidah, Ontario

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AlhumdulilALLAH i have found what i am looking for.

Sumaiyah, Birmingham

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I have found myself a partner.

Zahid, Halifax

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Thank you for the a good services.

Malika, Tampa

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I found success.

Daniel, Rhineland

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