I tried many ways to find a wife including using Marriage apps but, had NO LUCK.

Until I was recommended SingleMuslim.com

Haseeb Iftikahar and Farhana Chowdhury met on SingleMuslim.com and got married. Our teams recently met up with both Haseeb and Farhana and they both shared their journey to finding each other and ultimately falling in love using our app. 

Here’s our 60 second interview with them both.


How long were you on the website before you found each other?

Haseeb: I was on the website for 5 months before I met Farhana

Farhana: I was on the website for 7 months before I met Haseeb


What are your thoughts on the SingleMuslim.com website or app?

Haseeb: We thought the website was good, especially the amount of information you can provide on your profile. I liked the search filter because it allowed me to filter my preferences and find the right person to match my choice.

Farhana: The website was very easy to use and it allowed me to take my time in reading profiles and making sure I connect with the right person. Alhamdulillah, I finally met Haseeb. (She Laughs)


Did you try any other avenues to find a marriage partner before trying SingleMuslim.com?

Haseeb: Yes, I have tried using Muzmatch and other methods of meeting potential partners. But, I've had no luck.

Until my friend informed me about SingleMuslim.com

Farhana: I had only used SingleMuslim.com App as this was recommended by my uncle as he saw the advert on British Muslim TV.


What makes your relationship special?

(They both laugh)

Farhana: We have good communication skills, able to compromise if there was a dispute, we share everything and don't hold secrets, we trust each other, we ensure we make enough time for one another besides work.

Haseeb: We have telepathy as we think the same and say the same thing (they both laugh)...we always support each other & sacrifice.

Farhana: We make each other smile and are always there for one another, we pray together and mainly we know how to keep each other happy.


How do you think that SingleMuslim.com has changed your life?

Farhana: Erm..we found each other and cannot thank single Muslim enough. But, most importantly Allah (swt). We are extremely grateful to be with each other and share this beautiful marriage life together.


What does the future hold for you?

(They look at each other and smile)

Haseeb: Well...Insh’Allah, we are planning to buy our own house together...and...my beautiful wife Farhana is expecting a baby.

Alhamdulillah, Allah (swt) has blessed us to become new parents. So, we are looking forward to welcoming our new boy or girl. Inshallah, the baby will be arriving next year.


What advice would you give others who are still looking for their perfect partner?

Haseeb: Always be patient, get to know the person if you are still unsure and if you have met the right person get the family involved who can support with the marriage going further.

Farhana: Yes, if you are planning to meet the person, take a family member with you, pray to Allah (swt) for guidance and have faith that your partner is out there waiting to be with you.


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