How to create a profile spicier than your mum's biryani


How to create a profile spicier than your mum's biryani 


We spoke to our Muslim marriage relationship expert, Fahima Mohammad to get her professional advice on making your SingleMuslim profile stand out from the crowd.

Creating an online profile can be scary. After all, it’s not always easy to talk about yourself,sound authentic or, even worse, come across desperate


But did you know: 20% of men and 13% of women have found their life partner through online matrimonial websites. Yes, that’s true. 

So how do you make your SingleMuslim profile stand out?

1. Ask your friends or family for help
Ask a friend or someone who knows you well to assist in writing your profile. This can help make it super easy for you to talk about yourself without feeling desperate or embarrassed. 


2. Avoid clichés
Think of something interesting that could be a great conversation starter linked to something unique about you. Like your favourite topping on a Pizza. Stand out, you are not like everybody. Be creative! Be you!  


3. Look at other profiles
'If you struggle for inspiration, it is always good to look at other profiles and see how others are presenting themselves. Sometimes less is more. But that doesn’t mean write only one or two sentences. Take a look at a selection of profiles and see what other people usually talk about.' suggests Fahima Mohammad. 'Reading a variety of SingleMuslim profiles might give you ideas for key things to include in your own profile which you might not realise.' 


4. Stay positive 
Avoid negative tones and always be positive about yourself. 

Your profile is essentially your marriage CV. Present the best you ensuring you come across to people reading your profile. 


5. Be honest
The golden rule for writing your profile. Please don’t lie about your height, hobbies or skills. If you end up matching with your future partner. How will you explain your height on your first halal date! #Awks

Lying doesn’t get you anywhere. Think about how hurt you’d be if someone you were dating lied to you. Honesty is definitely the best policy.


6. Be specific

Use specific examples when you’re talking about yourself to give a full picture of who you are. If you love travelling, say where your favourite place is and why. Anything concrete like this makes your profile feel more genuine and attractive for anyone reading.

Be specific about the type of partner you're looking for and the requirements. You don’t want to waste your time. 


7. Update regularly
Keep your profile updated regularly. 

Make the effort to renew your profile on a regular basis with relevant information about yourself. Sometimes, your profile may not be introducing you to the right people. It’s all about testing and learning what works to get the right matches.


8. Check your grammar
Many people find poor grammar and spelling a major turn off, and the best of us can make mistakes, so be vigilant on this point. 
If you’re not a naturally good speller, let AutoCorrect help you out. Or, get someone you trust to read it for you. 


9. Say 
Did you know that according to a recent poll, 96% of people prefer seeing a big, happy smile in a profile photo than a pout or a filtered image. Interesting...right? 

Your SingleMuslim profile image is the first thing any person will see, and its true what they say, first impressions count. Your image should reflect the profile you have written below. Although the dog or cat filter may look cute, but, you’re not a dog or cat. 


10. Choose recent photos
Avoid using a year-old picture. Always use recent pictures.
One of the most frequent complaints we receive is that many profiles use old pictures which they don’t look like anymore. The first meeting becomes a little awkward when someone does not look like their profile picture. Ouch!
Be confident and show the real you. 


11. A picture is worth a thousand words
'The more photos you have on your profile, the more attention it will receive,' says Fahima.
'Include at least a couple of clear head shots, where you’re not wearing sunglasses and you can clearly see your face. However tempting it is, avoid using Instagram or Snapchat filters. I would suggest including a full-length picture too, so there are no surprises.'

'Don’t choose a picture where you’re not the main focus,' concludes Fahima. Avoid group pictures with lots of people in one shot. Although it may show you're a social butterfly, people want to marry you. Not the whole group.


12. Have fun and think out of the box. 
Most people want to find someone who can make them laugh and those who have a good sense of humour. 
It is important to show this when conversing with a potential single Muslims. Its a major icebreaker too!

Always think outside the box when writing your profile.

Be transparent with what you are looking for in a partner. Are you looking for someone who’s never been married? Are you looking for someone a certain height? Or, are you looking for someone who's divorced with children? 

You must include important details and qualities of what you’re looking for in a partner. Otherwise, how will they know that you’re compatible and could be the right one 


We hope our tips above helped you. 
Bismillah, we wish you the best in your search 
If you need further relationship expert advice. 
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