Adeem Younis, Founder of, Talks about His Experience on Indian Matchmaking Aunty Sima and Me!

In a recent interview on BBC Radio Nottingham, Hansa Daube spoke with Adeem Younis, the founder of, about his appearance on the popular Netflix series Indian Matchmaking. Adeem shared his experiences working with Sima Aunty, the renowned matchmaker from Mumbai, and discussed the acceptance of online matchmaking in South Asian and Muslim communities. Let's dive into the fascinating conversation between Adeem and Hansa.

Adeem's Journey on Indian Matchmaking:
Adeem revealed that the producers of Indian Matchmaking reached out to him after recognizing as the largest Muslim dating site in the UK, and possibly the English-speaking world. He was thrilled when he learned that Sima Aunty herself wanted to feature Single Muslim on the show. After several interviews and conversations with the producers, Adeem finally met Sima Aunty during her visit to the UK. He was in awe of her humble and down-to-earth nature, which resonated with the cultural values he held dear.

The Aunty Vibe and Sima Aunty's Personality:
Hansa asked Adeem about Sima Aunty's personality and whether she was as blunt as she appeared on the show. Adeem confirmed that Sima Aunty was indeed authentic and genuine in person. He described her as beautiful and amazing, with a vibe that felt just like any other aunty one might encounter. Sima Aunty's husband was also present on set, adding to the family-like atmosphere they shared. Adeem emphasized that Sima Aunty's values and beliefs aligned with those of, fostering a strong connection between their work.

The Sweetie!
During the filming of the show, Adeem shares a heartwarming moment with Sima Aunty. Despite their limited on-screen interaction, the filming process took an entire day. During a lunch break, Sima Aunty called Adeem over and surprised him with a small plastic bag. Curious about its contents, Adeem eagerly asked Sima what she had for him. To his delight, Sima revealed that she had homemade Indian sweets, specifically vegetable-based and vegetarian. She explained that these sweets were not only delicious but also beneficial for one's health. This thoughtful gesture exemplified the caring nature of an aunty, reminiscent of the love and affection that aunties often express through homemade treats. Adeem expressed his gratitude, acknowledging Sima's kind act and cherishing the unique gift she had prepared for him.

Cultural Similarities and Acceptance:
Discussing the acceptance of online matchmaking in South Asian and Muslim families, Adeem explained that has been serving its community for over 23 years. He emphasized that they aimed to be a digital version of Sima Aunty, providing a platform that upholds the same values and family dynamics. The platform has been successful in creating connections, even involving parents and siblings in the shortlisting process. Adeem highlighted that while is specific to the Muslim community, their core values and cultural understanding align closely with Sima Aunty's approach.

Off-Screen Bonding and Sima Aunty's Popularity:
Hansa inquired about Adeem's continued connection with Sima Aunty. Adeem revealed that they maintained contact through WhatsApp and Instagram, and Sima Aunty often shared her experiences and travels. He mentioned that the release of the third season of Indian Matchmaking led to an outpouring of messages from friends and family worldwide, expressing excitement at seeing him on the show. Adeem found it amusing that both men and women admitted to watching the series, highlighting its widespread popularity.

Adeem Younis's appearance on Indian Matchmaking gave and its mission widespread recognition. The conversation between Adeem and Hansa shed light on the cultural similarities and shared values between and Sima Aunty's matchmaking process. It also highlighted the growing acceptance of online matchmaking within South Asian and Muslim communities. With the success of Indian Matchmaking and the continued impact of, it's evident that love knows no boundaries, and digital platforms can play a vital role in helping individuals find their lifelong partners.

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