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* poll: Mind matters

Survey results released today have revealed that almost half of members (49 per cent) would prefer their ideal marriage partner to hold a Bachelor's degree. Over 3,000 members responded to the recent poll, which asked: If you could choose the education level of your ideal marriage partner, what would it be?

Respondents were able to choose from the following levels: High School, College, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and Doctorate.

The results of the poll show that male and female respondents were in agreement, with Bachelor's degree being the most popular choice for both groups.

However, the similarity ends there. Females would prefer their ideal marriage partner to be on the upper end of the educational scale, with a Master's degree being their second most popular choice, followed by a Doctorate. On the other hand, College was the second most popular choice for males, with over twice as many votes as a Master's degree, which came in third place.

Members also provided their own education level in a separate poll, and a comparison of these suggests that, in general, our respondents are looking for someone smarter than themselves, a trend that is particularly noticeable among women.