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  1. As one can appreciate with a service such as ours, there are always people wanting to 'spam' users by creating false profiles and trying to obtain their personal information. We have introduced the ability to block users and also report users to our administration team. We spend a lot of time 'policing' the website to ensure that false accounts are deleted immediately, however we do rely heavily on users reporting suspicious accounts to us. Please, if you feel an account is inappropriate, report this to us and we will suspend/delete the account(s) accordingly.
  2. Under no circumstances send, lend or give any Money, Cash or Western Union transfer to any member on the site, for any reason.

    Report any user requesting money immediately using the report user link, on their profile page.
  3. We have a strict screening process for all profiles on the website and remove any accounts we feel may not be genuine immediately. We have a report user facility on the website where other users can help keep the website safe and real.

    When talking to other members, please take things slowly. helps you to communicate discreetly with other members and offers the ability to block other users if you don't want them to contact you any more.

    Start chatting via's secure messaging system, but don't give out any personal details until you're comfortable with the person you're chatting with. Users often find it quick and easy to chat using instant messaging software such as MSN and Yahoo messenger. Always remember never to give out your personal details until you are sure you are ready. Remember, you are in control and don't let anyone pressure you into revealing this information.

    If you are suspicious or have doubts about the activities of another member, please report them to us using the report user feature on the website. This will allow us to investigate the user's activities further, however we cannot be responsible for anything that may happen outside of the service.
  4. We may occasionally call you if we have a query with your account, however we will do this discreetly and say no more than "It's a personal call" if we are not sure it's you we're speaking to.

    We will never post anything to your home address or leave messages for you to contact Please see our Safety, Privacy and Security page for more information on how we protect your data.
  5. You can upload pictures to your Private Gallery where you have to pre-approve users to view them. Please see this article for more information.
  6. You can block other members from contacting you from within 'My Messages'. Simply tick the box alongside the message of the user you'd like to block and then press the Block User(s) button at the bottom of the page. This user will no longer be able to contact you via

    You can unblock blocked users by selecting Blocked Users from the main menu.

    Blocked Users are not able to contact you and no messages will be forwarded to your in-box. Blocked Users are also unable to start a Live Chat with you or send you a Gift.

    Every user on has the option to block any other user that they don not wish to have further communication with. Single Muslim will not intervene in any user's decision to use the "Block User" feature. We will always respect the decision of the user and will not contact them; to forward any further communications to them, to ask them to unblock you, or to question their reasons for blocking you. Blocking another user is a manual process and can not be done by accident.
  7. Single Muslim accounts are for single person usage only. If you suspect more than one person is using an account please report it.
  8. The purpose of "Report User" button is to report other members on the site who are using the site inappropriately i.e. sending inappropriate messages, sending spam, inappropriate profile content, fake accounts, etc.

    You can report a user buy going to there profile and clicking on the "Report User" button to the top right of the profile.

    If you are using the live chat feature of the site and someone acts inappropriately or abuses you, you can use the "Report User" button, within the live chat window, to send us a copy of the conversation.

    User Reports are sent directly to the site administration team for review.
  9. If you are using the live chat feature of the site and someone acts inappropriately or abuses you, you can use the "Report User" button, within the live chat window, to send a full copy of the conversation to the site administration to be reviewed.

    It is difficult for us to take action against a user, unless the report has been made this way.
  10. If you seriously feel that your, or anyone else's, safety is at risk, or that a crime has been committed. We strongly suggest you contact your local police station immediately, to report the matter.

    Single Muslim will fully co-operate with the police in any investigations.