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MAcey_muslimah - Muslimah in search of partner

About Me...

I will like to find a brother that will be my close friend but also my love in this world and the hereafter, Insha'Allah.
I am a single mother with two little girls and I make it through everyday because of the sake of Allah(swt). I am hard working and push always to bring a brighter future for my children and me. I currently work and go to school. My studies are in computers- Information Technology and I provide tech support for an internet provider company.
I no longer ‘cover’, but please be aware I do feel as if covering by wearing hijab is what's best. If my husband desires me to cover, I do not have a problem fulfilling that. The reason I brought this up is because before I took a break between finding the right one for me, it seem as if the brother’s biggest concern about me was how I wore hijab. Even though I feel it should be other aspects of Islam one should consider about me when making the choice to decide if I make a suitable wife, I do not mind having a discussion with anyone regarding the way I follow the deen, but I do ask that I don't wish for anyone to give me a lecture of what I should be doing, I am well aware of whats right and wrong, and I know the religion fairly well, but of course their’s always room for learning more.
While I am looking for my 'other half', I am aware that my children and me are a 'package deal' lol, a ready-made family. But we quite loving. My main desire is not to find a brother to fulfill financial desires. I do quite well taking care of my household with the help of family- mines and my children family. But I wish to have a traditional family so badly with a suitable brother, I also would like to have the support of my husband. I don’t want my husband to help ME though…I want US to help each other and that is so important to me. The biggest aspect that I’m missing is love—the halal natural love. I do want that so much from the right man. I will admit I'm particular, but the reason being is I feel as if most people fail to grasp reality when looking for a partner. I also have to be particular because most importantly I have to consider my two-lil girls.
My first appearance I will assume I appear as the everyday average American young woman. I
love my shoes, hair, shopping, I worry about my figure. But I am not a slave to these objects. I just love being a woman. But I'm realizing that I need to really focus on being the muslimah role model for my two girls. In time, I will begin to cover again, and be really strict in following the deen. I mention these things so that if one decided to read this far and will like to show interest they are prepared on what to expect from me.
I'm from the greater N.E section of Philly, originally from South Philly. Knowledge and appreciation of education are hgh on my list. I live alone with my two daughters. We live a quiet drama free life- and will like it to stay that way. I am often homebound because I work at home at I enjoy the small family setting that I have with my girls.
I am a very open-minded individual. I believe a well balanced life is a key to happiness in this temporary life.
What am I looking for?
I will like a brother that will have an interest in spending time with me learning about our wonderful religion. Responsibility is important to me so playtime comes last. But when there is spare time available. I hope to find a brother that loves to take spontaneous trips. It doesn’t have to be anywhere spectacular. To the beach, a day out of visiting museums, mini road trips…..I love being outside, so I hope to find one just like that. I hope he is open-minded and have a high interest in learning. But yet like to be silly sometimes, by cracking jokes and having fun!
I want to meet a brother that is a open minded individual. Like to have fun, educated, family oriented. Such a individual will be quite compatible to me. An individual that wants quality out of this life so that it can be passed to the generations ahead of him ( hint-hint..not a lazy man that spends idle time watching tv or playing video games, or often 'going out)and is willing to put in the effort for that.
My Details
Username: MAcey_muslimah
Age: 34
Gender: Female
County/State: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Country: United States United States
Distance: unknown
Last Active: Longer than 3 months
Registration Reason: I'm registering to find myself a partner
Website Address:
Religiousness: Religious
Sect: Sunni
Hijab: Prefer not to say
Looking for someone with a Beard: Prefer not to say
Revert: Yes
Halaal: I keep halaal at home only
Salaah: Sometimes
Education and Language
Education Level: College
Subject Studied: IT
Profession: Technician
Job Title: Help desk
First Language: English
Second Language:
Personal Information
Citizenship: American
Origin: United States
Relocation: None
Income: Prefer not to say
Marry Within: This year
Marital Status: Legally separated
Has Children: Yes
Would Like Children: Yes
Living: Alone
Height: 1.52 metres (5' 0")
Build: Petite
Hair: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Smoke: No